A note from Rashmi Rustagi, Writer/Executive Producer

I am a first-generation Indian woman who moved to the United States at the age of twenty-one after an arranged marriage. Having lived here for more than thirty-five years, pursuing acting, raising kids, and straddling both the American and Indian cultures, I deeply understand the longings, pulls, and contradictions of both cultures and the challenge of assimilation. After living in several parts of the US and learning stories of other Indian men and women, I wrote Designed By Preeti as an amalgamation of those stories, to provide a unique perspective on the lives of women coping with the intersection of two cultures.

Designed By Preeti is a romantic drama, its uniqueness comes from its characters; average Indian women spanning three generations. It shows the humanity in this vibrant community of intelligent, funny, romantic, modern yet traditional, independent but still bound by the mores of their culture that runs deep.

My co-writer Wendy Moulton Tate and I have tried to make it as real and as rich as possible, to make a fresh and thought-provoking film about the Indian diaspora – our beauty, pride, courage, heartaches, insecurities, and stupidities. Some of it is painful, a subject matter that affects mostly women and leaves them to carry the burden alone.